Hi there!
I'm Jason!

My philosophy:

Two years ago I changed careers to software development from video production, editing, and photojournalism. I love that I can leverage my past experience in an exciting new medium that I'm passionate about.

My career to date has been driven by implementing technical solutions to creative challenges across a diverse and growing set of skills and professional tools.

I enjoy learning, and I have a demonstrated record of excelling at independently and rapidly mastering new concepts and implementations. Put a challenging new technology in front of me, and watch me soar!

Delivering great work is not just about technology - it's about people and business skills, too. Getting an effective project delivered on time and under budget.

Past clients and employers describe me as a trusted advisor - they trust that my insight, outside-the-box thinking, and commitment will yield solutions that work both internally for their organization and externally for their customers.

For the past 9 years, I have listened to what my clients want and translated that into award-winning creative solutions that meet their needs.

My favorite tools:



Cross Platform VOIP App


Ruby Gem and Demo Application


Responsive Message Board


Professional Social Network

Work in progress...
Coming soon!

Long Distance Runner

iOS Fitness App

Work in progress...
Coming soon!


Food Ordering App

Upcoming Tech Conference Presentations

Rockville Raspberry Pi Jam

Saturday, July 15th, 2017 at 1:30PM
Retro Video Game Emulation on the Raspberry Pi
Tickets HERE!

DC |> Elixir

Real-time socket programming
C++ development leveraging Phoenix Channels

DC |> Elixir

MVC == Model/View/Channel?
Using Phoenix Channels to construct fault-tolerant, controller-less real-time apps that avoid race conditions and other pitfalls of traditional MVC CRUD apps.

Past Tech Conference Presentations

DC Ruby User Group

Sep 8, 2016
HAMFinder Ruby Gem
Discussion on the concept behind the gem through implementation, usage, and a live demonstration with VHF/UHF HAM radios!

Awards and Honors

A selection of past honors, awards, and recognition that my work has received:
  • Front Page Placement, in print editions of USA TODAY (America's widest circulation newspaper with daily distribution of 4.1 million)
  • Front Page Placement, on the web at usatoday.com (22 million unique readers daily)
Variety/Penske Media Corporation
  • Primetime Broadcast Placement, CBS and ION TV, Variety/ENTV Entertainment News Segments (twice weekly)
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
  • Emmy Award, Current Affairs - Series, DREAM: An American Story, Episodes 1-3
  • Emmy Award, Current Affairs - Series, DREAM: An American Story, Episodes 4-6
The Telly Awards
The Pixie Awards
Hermes Creative Awards
  • Platinum, Video/Marketing (Product) Category, “First Contact,” promoting David Ford’s book Blind in One Eye: A Story about Seeing the Possibilities
  • Platinum, Video/Government Category, US Army Engineer Research & Development Center Overview
  • Honorable Mention, Video/Nonprofit Category, Washington Humane Society
  • Honorable Mention, Pro Bono Category, Washington Humane Society
Hermes Creative Awards
  • Platinum, Video/Documentary, DREAM: An American Story
  • Platinum, Video/Documentary, RESILIENCY: Mission Ready for Life
  • Gold, Video/Corporate Image, Communication Is Moving Fast for Mind & Media, Inc
  • Honorable Mention, Video/Government, DOL EBSA Health Benefits
US Commerce Association
  • Best of Alexandria Award, Video Tape Editing category
The Communicator Awards MarCom Awards
  • Platinum, Video/Film/Gov’t, Kansas National Guard's RESILIENCY: Mission Ready for Life DVD
  • Gold, Video/Film/Gov’t, Dept. of Labor's Health Benefits Video
  • Honorable Mention, Web Based Training, National Center for PTSD's Understanding PTSD presentation
Pixie Awards
  • Platinum, DREAM: An American Story
  • Gold, Understanding Change Management
US Commerce Association
  • Best of Alexandria Award, Video Tape Editing category
MarCom Awards
  • Platinum, Web Based Training, Cyveillance's Cyber Safety 101
  • Platinum, Social Media Site, DREAM: An American Story
  • Gold, Web Based Multi-Media, USDA ERS Recruitment Tool
  • Honorable Mention, Video/Film/Internal Communications, CSC Tools for EERE
Davey Awards
  • Silver, Health & Wellness CD, Returning From the War Zone Guide
Hermes Creative Awards
  • Platinum, Video/Internal Communication, CSC Tools for EERE
  • Platinum, Web Based Multimedia, Returning From the War Zone Guide
  • Gold, CD Based Multimedia, USDA ERS Recruitment Tool
Summit Creative Awards
  • Silver, Recruiting Website, USDA ERS Recruitment Tool
  • Silver, Training Website, Returning From the War Zone Guide
Summit Emerging Media Awards
  • Leader Award, Social Network Marketing, DREAM: An American Story
  • Leader Award, Recruitment / Employment / Training Website, Cyveillance's Cyber Safety 101
US Commerce Association
  • Best of Alexandria Award, Video Tape Editing category
US Commerce Association
  • Best of Alexandria Award, Video Tape Editing category

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